Individual Therapy

I provide therapy to individual clients who experience a long history of disabling depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I also work with clients diagnosed with psychosomatic symptoms of pain. As a systemic practitioner, my therapeutic intervention is based on relationships. In this I put particular focus on how the disabling symptoms not only affect the clients but also how others (immediate and extended family and friends) are affected by them, and in turn how this is seen and impacted on the clients. I use techniques such as motivational interviewing, Cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy.

Couple Therapy:

Couples in their relationship may experience difficulties for many reasons and it may be helpful for a mediator who can help the partners to safely engage in a therapeutic conversation where they are empowered to tell their story about their relationship, talk about differences and similarities. With time they may find their preferred way of interacting and relating, hence their relationship works towards difference and treatment.

I use techniques such as Solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, general counselling and Psychotherapeutic  ideas. I am also able to treat individuals with non-organic sexual anxiety/dysfunction, sexual jealousy, and work with couples improving their sexual health. I also mediate between divorced couples and help them develop mutual, safe and respectful settlements.

Trauma recovery

I have experience in working with clients experiencing trauma with its wide variety of forms ranging from witnessing death, or accidents leading to death, trauma related to torture, war, rape, etc. these client groups may experience anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Their behaviour may become withdrawn from family and friends.

Self Harm:

In extreme cases thoughts of self-harm may affect individuals in all ages where their feelings and thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness may take over a person's life. I utilise cognitive behavioural therapy ideas, anxiety management theories and other techniques  when helping these individuals.

Child and Adolescent Services

I run a child based service where children and their families are seen on a regular basis for assessment and treatment. I treat children and adolescents exhibiting conduct behaviour, rebellious and risky behaviour (harm to self and or to others).   Children witnessing domestic violence may suffer trauma, behavioural problems, cognitive problems, difficulty in forming relationships as well as delayed intellectual development. Children may become withdrawn, depressed, and anxious about facing the outside world. I have extensive experience in working with children who were victims of one or more categories of the recognised abuse,(sexual, emotional, physical and severe self-neglect).

When working with self-harming individuals and their families, I am flexible to the client's preferred venue for the therapy to take place. 

Other Services

  • Anger management problems
  • Anxiety and panic attack
  • Domestic violence
  • Bereavement
  • Negative self evaluation
  • Loneliness

Housam Ebrahim Psychotherapist

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